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Watterscape Designs, a small landscape design firm with bold visions, strives to exceed clients expectations. Professional expertise is achieved through formal education, working for former landscape contractors, installation supervision and 25+ years of consulting and freelance work.  Using Watterscape's trusted tradesman professionals or the client's own contractors, we will complete any outdoor amenity.

We offer:

  • Landscape master plan designs for portions or the entire residential property

  • Construction estimates and/or supervision of patios, walkways, decks, fire pits, landscape plantings, gunite swimming pools, waterfalls, etc

  • Competitive bids for all elements

  • Buffer Management Plans and Building Permits

  • Consultation with a homeowner on an hourly basis


Love the work you did for us!  I get pleasure every time I look out the window or walk    around the "grounds" 

                                                                                                     - Michelle (Easton)


I will tell everyone about your wonderful, earnest work ethic and excellent advice. The brick patio looks great and is quite an improvement.  Thank you for your help.

- Bob (Queenstown, Maryland)

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